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My Story

Life can be overwhelming and complex undermining confidence in yourself and your ability to think clearly and act effectively. Stress, anxiety and fear manifest themselves in unpleasant ways that affect your daily routine. We can feel misunderstood and that no one is listening! I’ve experienced all the above feelings in full and understand how debilitating it can be for one’s mental health.


A few years ago I made a choice to leave the stressful environment of The City to bring some balance to my life and I embarked on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, ultimately becoming a qualified therapist in 2021. I am continuing on my journey and carrying on with my training to become a psychotherapist. My personality and social skills, as well as being a highly approachable person with vast life experience have always attracted other people towards me. I am able to listen to people in a respectful, non-judgemental way, offering them positivity and empathy when clients open up with their issues.


Through constant self-development and my practical experience, I have developed tools and techniques that I utilise with my clients to support and direct you on your journey towards achieving balance in your life. I provide a safe and therapeutic environment where I can listen to your problems however big or small; if something bothers you it means that the problem is important to you!


Let’s be clear that it is not me who will fix your problem but I will listen to your issue and together we will determine techniques that will allow you to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s important you feel empowered and I will assist you on your own journey to achieve your goal, change your unhelpful beliefs and ultimately your perception and behaviour.

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